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Keep School Safe

Report unsafe or threatening activity by calling the toll-free Safe Schools LifeLine anonymous tip line: 1-866-LIVE TIP ext. 161
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Anonymous Tip Line for School Safety

A Safety Line for Our District
As a student or parent, you have the power to keep our school district safe. Administrators rely on you to be their eyes and ears - letting them know when a member of our schools or a district building is in danger. Be a life saver and help stop school crises before they happen!

The SafeSchools LifeLine 1-866-live-tip
The SafeSchools LifeLine is a completely anonymous, toll-free tip line that students and parents can access 24/7/365 - any time you need to tip off school administration about a potential crisis, such as:

  • School Violence - weapons, bomb threats
  • School Damage - vandalism, theft
  • Physical and Sexual Abuse or Harassment
  • Drug & Alcohol Issues
  • Fights
  • Suicide
  • Gang Activity
  • Discrimination

When You Call 1-866-live-tip:

  • You will be asked to enter your district code (District code 161)
  • Emergency callers will always speak to a live operator, who is trained to take immediate action. You will also have the option of calling 911 directly.
  • Suicide calls will be connected to 1-800-SUICIDE, the Suicide Prevention Hotline
  • Non-emergency calls are transcribed and faxed directly to a designated school authority within 24 hours - voices are not recorded and you do not have to give your name
  • All callers are assigned a code, allowing them to call back and check on the status their issue

Get Help and Be a Life Saver!
Do your part to keep our schools safe.
Report any dangerous or threatening activity by calling 1-866-LIVE-TIP (1-866-548-3847).

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